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As a passionate advocate of reducing stigma around mental health conversations, Dr. Carder is continually speaking about aspects of mental health prevalent to her professional and personal experiences. She has researched and advocates for people to create a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection through mindfulness, physical exercise and high-quality human connection.


Interviews & Articles


Physical and Mental Health

In an interview with SCMP, Dr. Carder shares her insight on the mind-body connection and her work with Women’s Five. The power of goal-setting, handling the challenges of pushing yourself physically and what that means for mental health.

“The definition of stress is [when] your perceived ability appears smaller than the perceived challenge, so to overcome it, make those challenges smaller,” she says. For a 5km race for example, start by running 1km and then gradually increase the distance with each run. “Your ability increases from changing the way you perceive the problem.”

Understanding the Teenagers Through Understanding the Teenage Brain

The teenage years unequivocally cause ups and downs for all families. Understanding what is happening to the teenage brain through these period of development help parent, build compassion and patience.

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The Gift of Gratitude

Preventative mental health practices are just as worthy as curative ones. Taking on, and teaching to children, a gratitude practice can improve your overall quality of life and internal experiences.


Podcasts & Radio

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Trust the Podcast

Mental Health and Families in Hong Kong

On Radio 123, Dr. Carder speaks about the unique pressures families and expatriates face in the stress culture of Hong Kong. She shares anecdotes and coping strategies for inter-generational conflicts and expatriate loneliness.


Understanding the Mindfulness Movement

With the mindfulness buzz and hype saturating much of popular culture, it is hard to know where to stand on the movement as a whole. Dr Carder speaks on the Radio 123 show about what Mindfulness is, and isn’t, as well as easy tips to incorporate parts of it for daily life.


Mental Health, Depression and Gratitude

Dr. Kimberley Carder sat down with Trust the Podcast to talk about preventative mental health strategies. The conversation ranges from what got her into clinical psychology to strategies to overcoming anxiety and depression and how exercise could be one of many strategies that can make a positive influence.

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