DR. Kimberley carder

Dr. Kimberley Carder is a caring and understanding psychologist. She supports people through a wide range of challenges Hong Kong people face; from adjustment, performance to fulfilment. She conducts sessions through fostering a strong relationship of mutual understanding, personal goals and self-actualisation.

Ethnically British, but having grown up in Hong Kong, she has a unique systemic view on the mental health climate of the city. At the foundation of her therapy, she works with clients to understand how the family system and relationships affect the present moment.

Her work experience is diverse. She has worked with a broad range of individuals, children and families. She has worked with NGO’s, international schools and private practices providing psychotherapy, education and different forms of assessment. She works with behavioural, mood, relational and learning disorders and common issues such as depression, anxiety and divorce.

Dr. Carder is an active and competitive athlete, competing in international and local Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions. Much of her clinical work transgresses into her sports training. She works with athletes and corporate professionals to develop an understanding of mental framework towards psychological stress to enhance performance outcome.

Involvement in the community:

  • In 2017 she was selected to be on the panel at the Mental Health Conference, Hong Kong, speaking about the importance of physical activity for mental health.

  • Her research on the lived experience of sensory deprivation was selected to present at The Float Conference, USA in 2018.

  • She continues to support the wellness community in Hong Kong as an ambassador for Women’s Five, a biannual five-week sporting programme for women in Hong Kong.